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Integrating DPC Training into your Residency Program has never been easier

Join us in paving the way for your residents' success in Direct Primary Care

You may start to get medical school graduates asking at their residency program interviews if your program has a Direct Primary Care curriculum or DPC training as part of your program, as several are already moving in that direction.  We can help!


We created a complete resident training curriculum that provides comprehensive tools needed to pave the way for doctors to transition into their own DPC practice. We knew this was necessary after having multiple residencies contact us from the Southeast to find out how they can add Direct Primary Care to their sites.

A Comprehensive Resident Training Program for a Seamless Transition to Direct Primary Care

In a 2018 survey, 10% of those students said that having the option to practice in DPC was a deciding factor in them pursuing a career in Primary Care. This means that a lot of medical students interviewing at your programs, and probably many who are already there, want access to specific content providing a step-by-step guide to successfully open a Direct Primary Care practice. 


Our content is an expanded and enhanced version of the American Academy of Family Physicians’ nationally sold-out DPC Workshops that were put together by Dr. Brian Forrest. We deliver his robust and detailed content online using Canvas, a learning platform used by many universities for undergraduate and post-graduate programs. also hosts dynamic peer-to-peer faculty-moderated discussion groups.


Give your residents a competitive edge when they graduate and start their own independent DPC practices a smooth and successful transition.  Provide them with this vetted toolkit of resources that has been used by residents and practicing physicians to successfully start hundreds of DPC practices nationwide.  For those that do not choose the DPC model, our resources are also useful for newly-minted family practice physicians wanting to start their own independent practice.


If you are interested in obtaining an institutional license to please contact us.  

Reach Out

If you are not interested/or do not have the budget to provide access to all of your residents but would like access for individual third year residents, please direct them to where they can purchase an individual license. 

Thank you! Someone from DPC University will be getting in touch with you soon.

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